International Mountain Leader Steep Ground Masterclasses

A mountaineer leading a second person up steep ground using a safety rope - Chris Ensoll Mountain Guide

A masterclass for International Mountain Leader trainees who want a refresher before undertaking the assessment, or award holders who want to take their skills to the next level. We will explore and test ideas to help you to look after people on exposed consequential ground, with and without ropes, and we will look at what works and what doesn't. We will cover the Position of Maximum Effectiveness - what it is and how it will help you. Some or all of the following syllabus points will be covered as time allows and depending on what the participants want to cover:

  • suitability and limitation of different types, sizes and lengths of rope;

  • appropriate knots and friction hitches;

  • choice of safe anchors and appropriate methods of belaying;

  • use and limitations of a sling and screwgate krab and a rope;

  • different types of fixed equipment and ways in which these can be safeguarded;

  • safeguarding short, rocky steps in ascent and descent with or without fixed equipment;

  • safeguarding a short section of traverse with or without fixed equipment;

  • safeguarding a section where the fixed equipment is broken or missing;

  • safeguarding a traverse, ascent or descent of an unexpected snow patch;

  • the ability to confidence-rope one group member and the judgement of when this is appropriate;

  • improvisation with limited equipment to safeguard the group.

Venue: meet at the Old Dungeon Ghyll car park, Langdale

Dates: see the Masterclasses section on our online calendar

Times: 9.30am to 4pm approx

Cost: £65

Counts as 1 CPD point for BAIML members

Equipment list:
~ 30m confidence rope *
~ leather gloves or gardening/building gloves with rubberised palms
~ helmet *
~ 240cm sling & HMS krab *
~ lunch & drinks
~ warm/waterproof clothing
Let us know if you don't have any of the items marked *, and we can provide them

What do our clients say about us?

(This is our first Masterclass for International Mountain Leaders - these comments are from participants on the Mountain Leader Steep Ground Masterclass).

Brilliant course and perfect recap of rope work and steep ground assurance ahead of ML assessments. Would also be a great refresher course for people who have already done their ML. Instructors were very good :)
John Robertson, April 2017

I found the teaching in the steep ground workshop to be extremely insightful. Chris has clearly spent a long time thinking about how to teach this topic and it was taught excellently. Very informative and enjoyable session.
Joe Rudin, September 2017

Chris is lucky to have you, Anne :) Best admin I have received from an outdoor provider. Chris imparted so much additional info above and beyond the course syllabus. He is so positive and enthusiastic about teaching and coaching. I learnt so much more than I thought I would.
Rob Waitt, March 2018

I liked the tone of your website. It gives the impression that you care about giving great training and inspiring people...... and Chris does exactly that!
Elizabeth Brown, May 2018

As always, a fantastic course, the instruction and content were just what I needed to refresh rope work prior to assessment.
Ross Gellatly, August 2018

The enquiry and booking procedure was simple and effective, with good, clear email communications beforehand. The programme was challenging but in a good way. Felt that Chris would happily change content to meet the needs/requirements of the participants. Chris is highly experienced, friendly and honest. He gave clear instructions and constructive feedback throughout the day, and built knowledge, understanding and confidence through the course. I have already recommended Chris to some friends looking at doing their Lowland Leader award and others interested in the Masterclasses.
Michael Stones, September 2018