SPA assessment, 9th & 10th November 2014

We often ask our clients to complete our online feedback form after they have completed a course - here are some comments from one of our successful SPA candidates:

Enquiry & booking procedure, information provided, etc: 5/5
Great communication throughout and very helpful with any queries beforehand

Programme: 5/5
More than I could possibly have anticipated. I came away learning so much and realising I knew so little. Inspiring.

Guides/instructors: 5/5
Fantastic instruction over a wealth of topics not just specifically related to the SPA. Chris gave his time and experience very generously and freely. Far more than I feel was required by the assessment.

Any other comments?
A fantastic two days which feels like a weeks worth of activity. That has to be good value. Chris's knowledge and experience was exceptional and his generosity with it was inspiring. The assessment was far beyond any expectation I had. Brilliant.