Kit review: Arcteryx Alpha LT jacket

This has been my main jacket for a couple of years, and the more I have used it, the more I have liked it. Living in the Lake District, and being out and about in the outdoors for work, I need a reliable, comfortable, smart hard shell jacket. 

The design is simple but effective, with a great hood, well-placed pockets, and a no-fuss cut - as you would expect from a top-quality product. But the thing that makes it stand out for me is the way it has worn: two years and a few re-proofings later, it all still works as it should, nothing has fallen off or worn out, and it still looks good. When choosing a jacket in the shops it is very hard to know how well it will last, but having used many other brands over the years, I can say that the thought and attention to detail that Arcteryx put into their garments puts them above other premium brands.

The Alpha LT jacket is no longer available - the current equivalent is the Alpha FL.