CPD opportunities for MTA members

We're offering four workshops this year through the MTA:

Saturday 4th July: Steep Ground Refresher for MLA holders & trainees
~ Movement on steep ground without a rope
~ Pros and cons of different types of rope
~ Pros and cons of different knots
~ Simple safe belaying

Saturday 19th September: Personal Scrambling Skills for MLA holders & trainees
An opportunity to look at current ideas, techniques and practices - ideal for anyone who wants to extend their skills beyond the MLA remit. The day will give participants a range of scrambling techniques to enable them to move confidently over steeper ground

Friday 2nd October: Single Pitch Refresher for SPA holders and trainees
An update on current ideas, techniques and practices - ideal for anyone considering assessment and for award holders who want to brush up their skills. The day will include personal climbing skills and group skills, with the main emphasis being decided by the participants.

Saturday 23rd October: Coaching Movement in the Mountains, for MLA trainees and award holders
An in-depth look at personal movement techniques - how to walk safely and efficiently in all kinds of terrain - and how to pass this on to others.

Saturday 7th November: Navigation to the Next Level for MLA holders and trainees
An opportunity to extend personal navigation skills beyond the basic level required for assessment. 
The day could include the following:
~ ground to map and map to ground interpretation
~ map memory
~ timing & pacing
~ navigation strategies

All workshops are run at a maximum ratio of 1:6, and each one costs £50. Please ask if you have any questions, or submit the online booking form to book your place.