Do You Know Where Pippa Is?

Walking in the mountains, or walking anywhere for that matter, is always more fun if there is a dog around. If I have to leave Pippa behind, I always feel like something is missing. If she had a logbook of all her mountain days, it would make interesting reading. She's even been ski-mountaineering in France (with her built-in crampons, she doesn't need the skis).

We've got loads of photos of her in the mountains, around crags, and on the beach, so we're putting some of them to good use with a competition series - Where's Pippa? There will be 10 photos of Pippa over the next few months, and all you need to do is to identify exactly where she is in each one, and submit your answers as comments on our Facebook page. We’ll collate the answers, and at the end of the series the person with the most correct answers wins a voucher worth £25 off any booking over £150. If there is a draw, we will put the names in a hat and draw out the winner.

Here's the first one to get you started. Head over to the Chris Ensoll Mountain Guide Facebook page, look for the same photo, and leave your answer. 

Our best wishes to you for Christmas. Looking forward to hearing from you!