Skiing in Iran, 8th-29th February 2016

I get to go to some pretty amazing places with my work, but this is a first for me - skiing in Asia. In May last year I did some work with Canadian photographer & film maker, Jordan Manley, and we did a quick tour of the main UK rock climbing areas - you can see blog posts about the work here:

A tour of the climbing areas of the UK
Arc'teryx photo shoot: the results
Arc'teryx: more photos
The Arc’teryx Photo shoot – what it was all for

Jordan emailed me in December and asked if I would be interested in working with him on a trip to Iran in February, again on an assignment from Arc'teryx. After some online reading to find out about the country, I told Jordan I would love to join him and the other party members - Arc'teryx-sponsored professional skiers Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots. We arrived in Tehran on Monday evening, and on Wednesday travelled to Shemshak, the second largest ski area in Iran, in the Alborz mountains. The photos are all taken in and around Shemshak - as you can see, lots of lovely snow!