Personal Scrambling Skills workshop, 12th March 2016

The Langdale valley provided some very atmospheric conditions for our Personal Scrambling Skills workshop on Saturday. Our four candidates had a great day, brushing up their existing skills and learning lots of new tricks. The course covered the following aspects:

~ movement coaching
~ direct belays using the rope only
~ direct belays using slings
~ scrambling on grade 3+ scrambles
~ short roping in ascent and descent on easy but consequential ground 

Here's some feedback from one of the participants:

I'd like to just thank Chris for the scrambling course on Saturday. I gained a huge amount out of the day and learnt so much that will help me towards gaining my MIA in the future. As well as being a great coach and Guide he's a huge inspiration to young guys like myself who hope to one become a Guide  
Jack Oliver

We will be repeating this workshop again in May or June, so keep an eye on our calendar page for the date. We also have dates for other workshops:

Rope Tricks & Rescues for SPA & Beyond - Saturday 16th April 2016

Coaching Movement in the Mountains - Saturday 7th May 2016 

Short Roping for AMI members - Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd May 2016

Navigation to the Next Level - Saturday 18th June 2016

More info on all of these can be seen on our CPD page, or give us a ring for a chat on 07775 630 488

Thanks to participant Jack Oliver for all photos