7 More Top Tips For Rock Climbers & Mountaineers


A couple of weeks ago we did a blog post with a compilation of seven of the top tips we've given so far in our monthly newsletter. Here’s another seven little nuggets of info.

Photo credit: Martin Paley

Photo credit: Martin Paley

1. A Simple Steep Ground Rescue Technique - April 2017

You’re out with a group, and you find yourself needing to rescue someone who has slipped down a steep slope, and you don’t have any anchors. Try this:

  • Tie a loop in the end of your rope with an overhand knot or a figure of 8, put the loop around someone’s waist, and get them to sit down with their feet braced down the slope.
  • Tie another loop near to the first for the next person.
  • Repeat again for another person. These three people are your anchor
  • Descend the rope, either using it as a handline or by abseiling
  • Tie another loop in the other end, put it around the person you are rescuing.
  • Go back up the rope, hand over hand.
  • Pull up the slack and then body belay the person up to you.

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2. Map Cases - May 2017

When you need to buy a new map case, buy Ortlieb. An Ortlieb map case is soft and grippy, so when you put your compass on it to take a bearing, the compass doesn’t move around. It won’t become hard and brittle in cold weather, which means it won’t tend to split. It will cost a bit more than other brands, but it last longer. Even if you use waterproof maps, use a map case – your maps will last much longer.

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3. Choosing An Expo Sack - June 2017

When buying a new rucksack, think about how much it weighs when empty. You don’t want to be carrying any more weight than absolutely necessary. A 45-50 litre sack should weigh around 1kg when empty.

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4. 240cm Slings - August 2017

Always carry a 240cm sling if you are multi pitch climbing in the Lake District. You'll often find a block to belay off, and a long sling makes it very quick rig your belay.

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5. Choosing A Wild Campsite - September 2017

When pitching your tent when wild camping, always try before you buy. You might think you’ve chosen a nice smooth place, but if you lie down before you pitch your tent, you’ll know if you’re right or not.

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6. Confidence Roping - October 2017

Learn how to use a 240cm sling and krab as well as a confidence rope. This isn’t in the Mountain Leader syllabus, but if you are carrying a rope anyway, the small extra weight will make a lot of situations easier for you to deal with.

7. Look up before you look down - November 2017

When navigating, look around and tell yourself six or seven things about where you are. Then go to the map and see if you can locate those things on the map.

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