Rope Skills & Rescues #4: Tape Hoist


The first post in this series showed how to escape the system, the second explained how to pass a knot, and the third was all about in-the-system hoists. This fourth post is about a simple tape hoist for whenever you need to free up a loaded knot or if you have something jammed under load - your 'get out of jail free' card. You can use this whether you are in the system or out of the system.

1. You have a loaded knot in your rope, or an obstruction that you can't free

Tape hoist 01 rs.jpeg

2. Attach a prusik and krab (green) to the load rope below the obstruction

I have used a classic prusik knot here, but any prusik knot will do.

Tape hoist 02 rs.jpeg

3. Attach another krab (blue) to your anchor and pass a 240cm tape through it.

Thread the sewn part through so it doesn't end up next to any of the krabs

Tape hoist 03 rs.jpeg

4. Thread the tape through the prusik krab (green)

Tape hoist 04 rs.jpeg

5. Now you have a simple pulley set up, and you can take the weight off the obstruction 

You will have to pull hard but you will be able to move a full-sized adult.

Tape hoist 05 rs.jpeg

6. Take the tape back through your anchor krab (blue)

Tape hoist 06 rs.jpeg

7. Wrap the tape tightly around itself

Tape hoist 07 rs.jpeg

8. Weave one end of the tape through

Sailors call this dogging the tails. The other end of the tape can be left as it is.

Tape hoist 08 rs.jpeg

9. Now you can clear your knot or obstruction

 If appropriate tie an Italian hitch. To load the hitch, reverse the process.

Tape hoist 09 rs.jpeg
Tape hoist 10 rs.jpeg

With all these techniques it is a good idea to practice somewhere safe and without consequences, so that you will be confident if you have to use it for real.

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