My Top Five Approach Shoes and Why I Like Them


Anyone who spends a lot of time walking in the mountains will agree that a good pair of boots or shoes is absolutely essential for safety and enjoyment. I talked about boots in general, and specifically about the boots I currently use, in this post. There are times and places where I prefer shoes over boots, particularly when I’m heading up to a crag to climb, or when doing a day’s scrambling. Here’s the inside info on what’s currently on my shoe rack.  

L to R: Inov8 Trailtalon; Five Ten Climbing Guide Tennie; Scarpa Crux; New Balance Goretex walking shoe; Five Ten Eddy

L to R: Inov8 Trailtalon; Five Ten Climbing Guide Tennie; Scarpa Crux; New Balance Goretex walking shoe; Five Ten Eddy

Inov8 Trailtalon

I bought these for a bit of running and walking to crags in the Lakes, and for carrying up longer mountain routes on my harness to wear on the descent.

Good points

  • Excellent grip on grass and mud

  • Comfortable

  • Lightweight (250g), so easy to wear and easy to carry on a harness to wear for descent

Bad points

  • Not brilliant on rock, but OK

  • Not waterproof at all

  • Not super tough

More info on the Inov8 website

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Five Ten Climbing Guide Tennie

I got these for guiding, teaching leading and easy climbing, because wearing rock shoes day after day when working makes my feet sore.

Good points

  • Really good for easy climbing

  • Great friction

  • Have worn well

  • Keep some wet out

Bad points

  • Not so good on wet grass, poor on mud

  • Not completely waterproof

  • Not so comfortable for long descents – I bought mine snug so they are better to climb in

More info on the Five Ten website

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Scarpa Crux

I got these for working on the Cuillin Ridge, as I needed a comfortable sticky shoe to wear for long days and climb/scramble up to VDiff/Severe.

Good points

  • Pretty good grip on mud and grass, really grippy on rock

  • OK to climb in

  • Comfortable for walking

  • Keep out the wet quite well

Bad points

  • Not totally waterproof

  • After seven days on Skye some of the stitching was coming away, but Scarpa gave good service and replaced them.

More info on the Scarpa website

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New Balance Goretex walking shoe

I’ve had these a while, and I can’t remember the model. I bought these for doing longer mountain walks and crag approaches which in the Lake District are often wet and boggy.

Good points

  • Very comfortable

  • Good on mud, OK on rock

  • Very waterproof

  • Have lasted well

Bad points

  • Not brilliant on rock

  • Not as breathable as other shoes eg the Inov8 Trailtalon

Five Ten Eddy

These aren’t approach shoes, but they are definitely worth mentioning. For many years I used old running shoes for gorge scrambling, and they worked OK. However, they take ages to dry out, and can be a bit slippery.

Good points

  • Amazing grip on wet rock

  • Lightweight

  • Dry out quickly

  • Not too expensive

  • Comfortable

Bad points

  • Not the most robust

We couldn’t find a link to this on the internet, which suggests it might be no longer available

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What about you?

What’s your favourite pair of approach shoes, and why? Leave a comment and share your advice. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!