So What Do I Carry In My First Aid Kit?


If you’ve been in the mountains with me, or you’re a regular blog reader, you’ll know that I am a minimalist when it comes to packing a rucksack. Whatever I am doing, from guiding in the Alps to walking in to a crag on a Rock Climbing Instructor course, I don’t want to be carrying any unnecessary weight. And that applies to my first aid kit too. Over the years I have whittled it down to the things I know are absolutely essential, and I’ve ditched everything else. Here’s a sneak peek into what I carry.

Chris Ensoll 228 1500px.jpeg

This is what you’ll see in my first aid kit:

2 Melolin-type wound dressing pad 10cm x 10cm

4 Melolin-type wound dressing pad 5cm x 5cm

1 trauma dressing 15cm x 18cm

1 elastic head bandage

4 pairs of disposable gloves

1 pair of scissors with protective cover

an assortment of sticky plasters and a length of strip plaster

1 roll of zinc oxide tape

2 sachets of Dioralyte reydration powder

5 Compeed (medium)

1 blue asthma inhaler

1 CPR face shield

6 aspirin, 6 paracetamol, 6 ibuprofen with zinc oxide tape stuck on to prevent the tablets from escaping from the foil

my first aid kit 01 1500px.jpeg

I carry everything inside small zippy bags which are inside an Exped dry bag. The dry bag has my name and telephone number so we can be reunited if I lose it. I prefer a dry bag to a plastic box as it squashes nicely into my rucksack. Other safety kit I carry includes group shelter, headtorch, duck tape, super glue, and cable ties.

my first aid kit 02 1500px.jpeg

Undoubtedly you will find ‘What You Should Carry In Your First Aid Kit’ lists that disagree with my list. If you think I don’t carry something that I should, or if you have any questions, leave a comment below.