“The Best Use of £50 to Date!”

So said Alex Caulfield after he’d been given a toolkit of simple efficient techniques for staying safe and solving problems, on our Rope Tricks & Rescues for SPA & Beyond workshop in April this year.

I have typically seen three groups of people who benefit from a workshop like this:

  1. Outdoor professionals who may have to rescue someone in an assessment situation
  2. Climbers who have been involved in an accident or near miss situation that highlighted their lack of knowledge and the importance of knowing what to do in an emergency
  3. Climbers who have learnt rescue techniques some time ago, but need a refresher because they have never used their skills

The content of the day can be split into two main areas:

  1. Evacuating the crag downwards: how to escape the belay system and help someone to abseil off
  2. Evacuating the crag upwards: how to get someone off a crag where there is no exit from the bottom, eg on a sea cliff

And just in case you’re wondering what else Alex said about the workshop, here’s his feedback in full:

Fantastic content, Chris asked at the start of the day what everyone would like to get out of the course, then delivered that content plus a lot more which was great, so far the best use of £50 to date! Just wow, Chris's wealth of experience is incredible and very inspiring to someone just starting out in the world of the outdoors. His teaching methods suited me very well. I had been recommended by my manager at work who is friends with Chris, I had heard he is the best in the Lakes!    

Our next workshop is Friday 12th August, and future dates will be posted on the CPD page.