My top 5 favourite gluten-free dairy-free expo foods

Being gluten- and lactose-intolerant means that I can’t eat anything containing wheat, oats, barley, rye, and milk or mild products. Lots of the usual expo food items are out for me – pasta, butties, cheese, chocolate, most breakfast cereals including porridge, and many of the standard dried expo meals. Over the years I have tried different combinations of energy-dense food that is compact, lightweight and low on packaging. 

Here’s my top five favourites:

1. Look What We Found ready meals

These have transformed my expo dinners. Before we found them, Anne would make a pot of bolognaise sauce, and we would double-bag it in zip-loc bags. It made a nice tasty meal, but it was heavy and there was always a possibility of leakages. Not all the meals in the LWWF range are GF and DF, so worth reading the labels if there are things you can’t eat.


2. Rice noodles

Another great find. They weigh almost nothing, take 4 minutes to cook, and go perfectly with the LWWF meals


3. Hummus

A very quick and tasty way to consume lots of calories

4. Nuts/raisins/dried fruit mix

Great for munching on during the day

5. Mrs Crimble’s jam coconut macaroons

These are perfect expo food – they don’t crumble, and they are just as good if/when squashed.


Here’s a quick summary of everything that I take:


  • Cornflakes: Whole Earth cornflakes don’t contain barley malt, so they are gluten-free. I add hot water to make cornflake porridge

  • Corn thin sandwiches with jam & peanut butter


  • Corn thin sandwiches with jam & peanut butter

  • Crisps – Seabrooks ready salted are my favourite

  • Nuts/raisins/dried fruit mix

  • Hummus and carrot sticks

  • Fruit – apple, banana (first day only)

  • Whole dried bananas when we can get them

  • Home-made muffins

  • Jam coconut macaroons


  • Look What We Found

  • Rice noodles

  • Muffins or coconut jam rings

Tea bags

What about you? What are your favourite expo food items?